In 2010 I suffered a massive disc herniation of L5/S1 for which I needed emergency surgery; I have been left with a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome: this is basically a damaged spinal cord.  For two years I had repeated visits to the GP and the Neurosurgeon who tried to manage my pain and symptoms with several different drugs.  In 2012 I went through a particularly bad phase where I had crippling pain down my left leg and into my left foot. The pain was so severe I struggled to stand, walk, sleep or even sit for any length of time. I was then put on more tablets that made me feel so unwell I could barely function, and the pain still persisted.

On the recommendation of a friend I contacted Sam to see if he could help me with my pain. After a consultation with Sam we began to work on my core strength and he got me using my core muscles which had become excessively weakened after my surgery. He gave me gentle exercises I could do at home in my own time.  Sam also looked at my sciatic nerve and through gentle manipulation and exercises I continued at home, he was able to alleviate almost 90% of my symptoms within a few sessions. Within weeks I could stand up straight, walk without pain and enjoyed my first full nights sleep in two years! Sam worked on the cause of my symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves; he has given me the knowledge and confidence to manage my condition by myself.  One year on and I am still pain free, have been discharged from all the specialists, need no pain relief or tablets and life is good again!