I am writing just to let you know how grateful we are to you.  My daughter B had an accident nearly a year ago which broke a vertebrae and compressed another.  This obviously left her bed bound for a long time and in a lot of pain. After her back brace was removed we knew the healing process would be a long one but we were grateful that she was up and mobile.  The worst problem (as well as the pain in her back) were the intense headaches which she had daily, making her physically sick and unable to go to college or sometimes even leave her bed.

The hospital gave her various x-rays and scans on her brain and booked her in with a neurologist as they were unsure why she was suffering such bad after effects.  The waiting list was months long, which we knew was too long to wait.  A friend of mine mentioned that you had helped her with a back problem and so passed on your number. At the risk of sounding dramatic, within a couple of sessions of you diagnosing the problems and helping her with physio exercises, the difference was truly unbelievable.  You explained that she had a whiplash type injury in her neck (that we were unaware of), and helped to rectify the problem straight away.  I will never forget her expression when she realised the pain in her head and down the back of her neck was gone! B thought she had a future that consisted of taking medication, feeling pain and feeling ill on a daily basis, but thanks to your experience, knowledge and competent abilities, she was soon off all the tablets which the doctors were giving her, and is a happier girl with a future in front of her that she can enjoy like any other teenager.  She is living an almost normal life now, which I’m sure, through the normal NHS route would have taken a lot longer and I’m sure, not nearly as effective.